A unique institute which aims to produce quality Huffādh, Qurra’, and teachers of the Book of Allāh, with Asāneed goingback to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. Graduates will grasp the intricate details of recitation and the application of the theory pertaining to it with highly qualified teachers.

Students therefore are able to recite according to how the Prophet and blessed Companions would recite, ponder over the verses, understand its language and the sciences thereof with the goal of becoming fro the people of Qur’ān. This will further inspire them to go on to spread the sciences of Qur’ān and its proper recitation in different parts of the world.

The programme and method of teaching is adapted to suit individuals living in the west from all walks of life, by combining modern and traditional styles of teaching.

Students are able to enrol throughout the year with flexible timings available to work around any schedule.