A Hāfidh or Hāfidhah of any Riwāyah starts a fresh Khatmah with a Muqri’ aiming to perfect both Hifdh and application of Tajweed, by combining recitation with the study of advanced theory. As part of their curriculum, students will be advised by their Muqri’ to take part in one or more programmes provided by the institute such as the texts Al-Waqf Wa Al-Ibtida, Al-Jazariyyah and Tuhfat Al-Atfāl.

Contrary to widespread practice, we take Ijāzah and Sanad seriously in our institute. We work towards the transformation of the student by ensuring any Ijāzah obtained is credited and signed by both the student’s Muqri’ as well as the comittee of Muqri’een at the Imām Shātibi Institute.

Short Courses

Tuhfat al-Atfal

A one day course studying the famous poem of Tajweed by the teacher and Imam Suleyman Al-Jamzuri.

Al Jazariyyah

A four day course explaining the characteristics of the letters and their articulation points.


A four day course covering the fundamental rules to perfect your pronunciation of the Arabic letters and basic Tajweed principles.