Who can apply?

The Quran is vital to our faith as the divine word from our Creator. It's crucial for every Muslim to establish a strong connection with it. At the Imam Shatibi Institute, we believe finances shouldn't hinder Quranic learning. Thanks to sponsorships, we support dedicated students committed to learning.

Eligibility Criteria

Below you will find criteria of receiving sponsorship. The process requires some diligence as sponsorships are a trust issued to our institute and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are issued rightfully.  

To qualify for sponsorship you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Reside in the UK or Europe
  2. Financially be unable to afford the sessions fully or partly
  3. Be committed to attending each session

Application Process

  1. Send us an email at manager@shatibi.com with:

    1. Your financial circumstance

    2. Your current level in Quran and what you know. (please use the below table to help establish your level)

    3. Whether you can afford part of the fee or require full sponsorship

  2. You will receive confirmation of how much sponsorship will be offered and for how long.

  3. For part-sponsorship you will be required to setup payment monthly via Go Cardless for the duration of the course.

Access (Level 1)
Learning the alphabet
Fluency (Level 2)
Learning to read fluently
Intermediate (Level 3)
Memorising and perfecting tajweed
Advanced (Level 4)
Have memorised part or full Quran with tajweed
Sanad (Level 5)
Attaining Ijazah in one or more qira'at.

Terms and Conditions of the Sponsorship

What we require from you?
Read Etiquettes of seeker of knowledge
What you can expect from us:

For queries about the Sponsorship:

Ask us via email manager@shatibi.co.uk

Instagram @ishatibi

Whatsapp: 07948 533 505