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Our Vision

Inspired by the verse, “This is a Blessed Book which We sent down to you, for people to reflect upon its messages,” (38:29), our approach in the UK goes beyond mere recitation.

We prioritize reflective learning, aiming for our students to deeply connect with the Qur’ān's teachings. Our vision is to instil its values in the hearts of individuals, fostering a society that embodies its essence.

Our Values

Driven by spiritual goals, we work without seeking financial gain or human recognition, only the approval of the Almighty.
Striving to set a gold standard, we aim to positively transform our industry and maintain our esteemed reputation.
Dedicated to the Book of Allah and its followers, we proactively seek ways to enhance experiences and its impact on lives.
Guided by a clear, long-term vision, every step we take is oriented towards realizing our larger objective for the world.
Believing in reciprocated excellence, we commit to outstanding performance in all facets of our organization.

Our Story

The Imam Shatibi Institute was launched.
Al Muntada Trust established Imam Shatibi: the Institute where perfection of recitation was prioritised – where Egypt was brought to the UK. With the likes of Sheikh Shoieb Aly and Sheikh Galal Salem the Institute’s roots were spread, and a movement was created. One that would change the landscape of Qur’anic studies in the West, for years to come.
Within 4 years, it had seen its first cohort of students graduate with the Qira’at Al Ashr (the Ten Modes of Recitation; of the most prestigious qualifications in the study of the Qur’an). It further established its Qur’an competition, where it invited esteemed guests including Sheikh Ma’sarawi and Sheikh Ali Sufi.
Over time, the Institute has grown, developed and matured. It has changed hands of management, changed teachers, changed systems. And yet its core value has always remained the same: Itqan; perfection in recitation.

And here we are today.

Reflect, take heed, become people of understanding. Absorb the values of the Qur’an. Instil the values of the Qur’an in people’s hearts. And here is where the next chapter begins.

Our Teachers

We are blessed to have a team of qualified teachers here at the Imam Shatibi Institute to provide students with a great learning experience with the permission of Allah.

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Term Dates

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Our Branches

London, UK

Second Floor, WLICC, 7 Bridges Place, SW6 4HW
Parsons Green Station, District Line (3-minute walk)
Parsons Green Lane/Fulham Library Bus Stop, Buses 14, 414, 424
Pay and Display parking is available on nearby residential streets. Prices range from £3-6 per hour. Sundays free.


TIECM, Cookham Road, SL6 8AJ
Maidenhead Station, TFL Rail, GWR (to/from Paddington or Reading), (12-minute walk)
St Joseph’s Church Bus Stop, Buses 8, 37. Or. Sainsbury’s Bus Stop, Buses 4, 9, 15, 16, 16A, 37, 53, 63, 68.
Free parking for two hours on nearby residential streets.