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In 2010, the Imam Shatibi Institute was established by Al Muntada Trust, aiming to elevate Qur'anic teachings in the UK. Inspired by top scholars who had studied abroad, the Institute quickly garnered attention, drawing students nationwide, especially from London. These students were trained to recite the Qur'an with a level of expertise previously seen only in traditional Arab lands.

While the Institute has seen changes over the years, its commitment to quality Qur'anic education has remained steadfast. Expanding its influence from London to cities like Birmingham and even Scotland, it has significantly shaped Qur’anic studies in the West. As they move forward, the focus is to deepen the understanding of the Qur'an's core teachings, ensuring it's not just recited but truly internalized.

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Sh. Abdi Rashid Ali Sufi

I have listened to some of the recitations from the students of Imam Shatibi Institute and found that they achieved perfection in their application of tajweed and also exercised good application of Qira’at from their teachers. I hope the Imam Shatibi Institute becomes a role model centre for the learning of Qur’an and Qira’at in Europe.

Sh. Dr. Ahmed ‘Issa Al Ma’sarawi

I was filled with happiness and joy witnessing Imam Shatibi Institute being established to serve the Holy Qur’an and its different Qira’at in order to build a Qur’anic generation to spread Qur’an across  the country. The Imam Shatibi Institute is considered to be the only place in the west specialising in this field, especially for Ijazah.

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Do we offer a free trial for Quran Lessons?
The simple answer is yes. We offer a 30 minutes absolutely free session.
What courses do we offer?
You can view our various courses that we offer on our courses page.
What is Imam Shatibi Institute?
Imam Shatibi Institute is a Qur’an Institute producing renowned Huffad. It is also a place where you can study the Quran at your own pace, at the institute or from the comfort of your home using the latest distant learning platforms.


The Quran is central to our faith as it is the word of our Creator communicating with us. It is imperative all Muslims try build a connection with the Quran the best they can. At Imam Shatibi Institute we believe that finances should not stop you from learning to read and recite the Quran.  We have obtained sponsorships from various donors who have entrusted us to ensure that we utilise them for serious students who would like to learn Quran and can show commitment to learning.

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